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X, Y, Z axis when print paused.  

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X, Y, Z axis when print paused.

I paused my 3d print and am wondering what the difference in the X, Y, and Z axis is when the print is paused. I am using the Prusa i3 mk3 at my local library so I can't go back there at the moment, but it was closing so I had to pause and turn off the printer. I did get the Z axis when it paused though, it said 37.4. I am now trying to find out what the default pausing position is on the Prusa i3 mk3 so i can calculate an approximate position to continue my part in the gcode. Does anybody know the default position the Prusa goes to when the print is paused?

Posted : 25/03/2023 11:21 pm
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Don't bother, it will almost certainly have come loose as the printer cooled.

Instead cut the model at that layer and print just the upper part seperately then break out the glue.


Posted : 26/03/2023 3:53 am