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X-axis scratching sounds  

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X-axis scratching sounds

Hi! I rock a Prusa MK3S+ with a Revo Six. First layer (Z) is calibrated for all nozzle diameters (I checked) ,although when printing I get scratching sounds only when the X-axis moves, no such sound during Y-axis's movement. This happens across all the nozzles I own, but the larger the nozzle diameter, the "scratchier" and louder the noise. Any suggestions as what may be the cause, there is no debris on the X-axis that may be causing the noise. Could this be Extruder (but why only during X-axis movement), or belt-tension (i checked this too, it is alright) ? I will greatly appreciate help!

I am attaching 2 videos: Printing with 0.8 and 0.6 diameter nozzles.

x-axis sounds with a 0.8n
x-axis sounds with a 0.6n

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Posted : 23/02/2024 1:05 pm