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Grinding at end of print?  

Grinding at end of print?

My MK3S+ has been printing fine for two years, and still does, but lately at the end of some prints, when the extruder lifts and goes to X=0, there's a terrible grinding noise for a few seconds.  As far as I can tell, it's the left Z axis threaded rod/motor trying to do something.  The two Z rods/motors appear to be in sync - i.e., the X axis is level, and nothing is in the way of the extruder getting to X=0.  Any thoughts?  The only thing unique here is a Revo hot end; all software (PrusaSlicer, firmware, etc.) is at the latest versions (Revo version off Github).

Posted : 15/01/2024 4:51 pm
RE: Grinding at end of print?

i've been having a similar issue.  before doing a color change, there was the grinding noise.  immediately after loading the filament and continuing to print, the nozzle dive-bombed into the bed.  i immediately stopped the print.  now i have a large gash in my steel bed and i'm having all sorts of trouble with the extruder not having consistency with the volume of filament being extruded.

Posted : 16/01/2024 2:36 pm