What exactly does the “Speed” option in the “Tune” settings do?
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What exactly does the “Speed” option in the “Tune” settings do?  

What exactly does the “Speed” option in the “Tune” settings do?

Basically what the title says. I have my printer dialed in and it’s printing perfectly. But, it’s pretty slow. When adjusting settings I sacrificed speed for quality. The other day I was doing some prototyping prints on a model I am working on. I wanted to print some sections to see how they fit together and such. I wasn’t worried about end quality so after exporting the stl I started the print then went to Tune on the printer and ramped up the speed to 200%. To my surprise, there was almost no loss in quality. So, that got me thinking that I might be able to increase my speed in the slicer. What exactly does the Tune setting adjust? Is it just a flat percent change on all speed related settings? Or does it target acceleration or movement or something? TYIA!

Publié : 30/09/2023 2:02 pm
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RE: What exactly does the “Speed” option in the “Tune” settings do?

I would like to know the answer to this as well.

From my limited experience / testing, it is a simple multiplier for all speed settings.  I believe it also persists across prints, although not across power cycles.  I was trying to figure out some TPU bridging parameters and bumped it up to 400%.  I then tweaked some settings in prusa-slicer and when I went to print the new part it everything took off like a shot.  I bumped it back down to 100% and things seemed more like what they should be.  It does not appear to take affect until you push the button to click/set the value; and there seems to be a 1 or 2s delay before it actually takes affect.

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