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Upgraded to fw 3.12.2, hotend fan speed 7860 rmp?  

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Upgraded to fw 3.12.2, hotend fan speed 7860 rmp?

Upgraded my MKS3S+ to firmware 3.12.2 and instantly noticed print after that being noisier. From the Support menu of the printer I found hotend fan speed to be 7860 rpm. Asked tech support, what should be the normal rpm of this fan. They said 3500-4200. Why mine is double that remained unclear, but they suggested doing PID calibration. Didn't help.

So, I went back to firmware version 3.11.0 and fan is running again on "normal" 3180 rpm. As the printer is right next to my desk, this is important difference for me. Anybody else has this problem?

If this 7800 rpm is new default firmware setting, tech team of Prusa should also notify the support team, so they can tell customers everything is OK.

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Posted : 13/04/2023 3:43 pm