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Stringing issues, software or hardware?  

Harold the Fish
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Stringing issues, software or hardware?

I am printing on the i3 MK3s and I recently noticed that my prints started to have some stringing. This is especially strange considering I haven't had this issue for the last 4 months I have owned the printer. I printed out this stringing test with 2mm retraction and 1mm Z-lift. While the strings themselves were very small and wisp-like, there was consistent stringing throughout the whole length of the two rods. This guide told me that 2mm was the maximum retraction I should try doing, but I have seen others go up to 4mm with other printers. Could this be an issue with the physical printer itself or the slicer or printer's software? Should I change some setting other than retraction? Thanks!

Posted : 05/07/2020 10:58 pm
Jesse Riley
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RE: Stringing issues, software or hardware?

I'm following this. I'm having the same issue myself. 

Posted : 06/07/2020 5:31 pm