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Spring Steel Plate  

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Spring Steel Plate

Noob here.  Not sure if this is the right place to ask this.  I just got a new textured spring steel plate.  Up to now I have only used the smooth plate that came with my Mk3S+.  My question is do I just need to adjust my z height for the new plate or is there a way to save the setting in memory and I then select what plate I'm using.  I look in Prusa Slicer and did not see where I could do this.  

Posted : 19/03/2022 4:45 pm
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RE: Spring Steel Plate

You need indeed to calibrate the Z height after having selected this type of plate in the printer interface. One click on the Button and 4th line called sheet

Posted : 19/03/2022 4:52 pm
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Yes, they will be of different thickness.

LCD menu > Settings > Steel Sheets


Posted : 19/03/2022 4:55 pm