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Sourcing the ring connector for heatbed power cable  

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Sourcing the ring connector for heatbed power cable

Hey everyone,

Per title, I'm searching for the ring connector for the heatbed power cable.

I already know that the cable is 16AWG and the connector on one end is M3.5 16AWG fork connector.

At the other end, it's definitely a M6 16AWG ring connector, but it's much wider that a typical M3 ring connector. Most of the connector I have found so far have a 5mm to 6.5mm outer diameter, where the one from the original cable has an 8mm outer diameter.

From my research, it looks like 16AWG ring connector are designed to sustain the maximum amps for the cable diameter, but I wouldn't mind finding a wider ring connector, like the one from Prusa.

Anyone have identified exactly what is this ring connector ?


Posted : 27/04/2022 11:13 am