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Revo hotend with Mk3S fails  

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Revo hotend with Mk3S fails

I've had my Mk3S for some time now, without problems.

I upgraded a while ago to the Revo hotend, and have just now reflashed the firmware using E3DREVO_fw_MK3S_MK3S+_3_13_2_7080 to allow for the temperature tuning/calibration. This worked, but....

I try to perform a print. The printer starts, does its bed level check, then continues on to print the model....but.... I still haven't loaded any filament into the extruder.

I try to load the filament manually, but the extruder refuses to draw in the filament.

Now reflashed back to 13.11.0 and all works fine again without any filament problems, and prints normally.

What am I doing wrong?

Posted : 28/11/2023 3:48 pm