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Random Restart during print  

Waders Tech
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Random Restart during print

I was print (an object that I'd printed the, exact same file; gcode of) and then it randomly restarts



- Printer: MK3S

- Firmware: 3.9.2-3524

- Way of Printing: SD


I haven't yet tried to reproducing issue; though something similar has happened twice, first time: bumped the LCD, and got a shock (from static), the LCD immediately was changed (the LCD was unreadable, after about 2 minutes, while printing, restarted); second time: was not printing anything at that moment, and touched the steel frame resulting in a shock (from static), LCD was again unreadable (didn't restart, after ~2 minutes, pressed the reset button)

Posted : 28/12/2020 5:54 pm