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PrusaLink fails to connect sometimes  

PrusaLink fails to connect sometimes

I used a Raspberry Pi Zero W 2 to add PrusaLink to a MK3S. However, I can only connect to it sometimes.

Sometimes the LCD shows that it has a 10.1.1.X IP address (for our LAN). But sometimes it fails and gets a 169.254.X.X address, which I understand means it failed to get DHCP from our router.

Even when it gets a 10.1.1.X IP address, it's still really unreliable. Rarely, I can ping it from my laptop and access the PrusaLink website, but mostly I get "Request times out" or "Destination host unreachable".

Does anyone have a clue for what could be causing the spottiness?

Posted : 11/10/2023 4:27 pm