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Printer software related overextrusion  

Marcin Rojek
New Member
Printer software related overextrusion


At the beginning I would like to point out that I use Prusa filaments with appropriately adjusted print parameters.

The problem I encountered is the excessive extrusion that seems to be related to the extruder motor driver software.

This is manifested by a characteristic click when calibrating the first layer, or filament change when the motor tries to push out too much filament at once.

I am able to eliminate the problem in the printouts by setting the extusion multiplier to 0.4, which is an absurdly low value, even if I used the worst quality filaments.

Is there any method to calibrate the extruder motor? As long as it does not bother me in printing, I would prefer to work with a fully functional machine. For example, due to difficulties in calibration, filament replacement and all other operations that I cannot correct in G-CODE.

I will be grateful for any help

Posted : 02/05/2022 9:32 am