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Print Fan Issues  

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Print Fan Issues

Hi all, 

Whenever I start a print on my i3 Mk3 the print fan does not turn on until after the printer has been printing for a few minutes.  The print fan works fine when I turn on the printer as well as when I go to the printer settings and manually turn on the print fan.  I thought it might've been an issue with the fan itself, or with the wiring getting frayed, so I bought a replacement fan and hooked it up.  Unfortunately, I ran into the same issue again; the fan wouldn't turn on until the print had been running for a few minutes.  It doesn't activate at 50˚C, and the LCD screen seems to be accurately displaying the temperature, so I don't think it's a temperature sensor issue.  Any ideas?  Thanks! 

Posted : 10/04/2020 4:52 am
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RE: Print Fan Issues

When you say a few minutes do you mean when it reaches the second layer ?

if you are running a default filament profile then it’s normal for the parts fan to be disabled for the first X layers. For pla profiles it’s usually 1 layer and for PETG it’s usually 3 iirc. It’s a setting under cooling in the filament settings tab. it’s done to increase the bed adhesion for that all important first layer. If you really want the fan on then you can change the setting in the slicer. 

Posted : 10/04/2020 9:11 am
Peter M
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RE: Print Fan Issues

Part fan and extruder fan, which  fan do you mean.

Extrude fan should run always.

The part cooling fan should only run if you want it.(or software)

ABS printing the part fan is off, for the whole print , except for bridges.

Other prints it stays off for first layers, after that it comes on.

Posted : 10/04/2020 5:06 pm