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Post-processing scripts in PrusaSlicer?  

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Post-processing scripts in PrusaSlicer?

In Simplify3D you can change things like acceleration for different features such as outer perimeter, inner perimeter, etc.  Below is an example of how to do that in the Simplify3D Post-processing window.  So what script language and formatting would I use in PrusaSlicer to do this?

Ex of Post-processing script in Simplify3D:

{REPLACE "; feature outer perimeter\n" "; feature outer perimeter\nM204 S350\n"}

{REPLACE "; feature inner perimeter\n" "; feature inner perimeter\nM204 S500\n"}

{REPLACE "; feature solid layer\n" "; feature solid layer\nM204 S800\n"}

{REPLACE "; feature infill\n" "; feature infill\nM204 S1250\n"}

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