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PLA Filament Not Extruding Problem  

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PLA Filament Not Extruding Problem

Hi Forum!

So we own an MK3S and it has been working well for a few years without any big replacements. Recently, the filament stopped extruding, and we had a hard time unloading the filament. We only managed to do so when we heated the nozzle to 230 (instead of 215), loaded the filament (so it got pushed through), and then unloaded it. The filament showed signs of being chewed up. 


When we tried to load a new filament, the filament did not immediately take, but when we pushed it with more force, it clinked into place, but barely extruded any color. The new filament then got stuck the same way the old one did. 

Does anyone have any experience with a similar problem? We're wondering if the gears aren't tight enough, or if maybe the nozzle head needs changing?


Thank you in advance!

Posted : 28/01/2022 3:01 am
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RE: PLA Filament Not Extruding Problem

Have you reviewed the printer maintenance page? If not you might want to.



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Posted : 28/01/2022 3:41 pm