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Paused Thermal Error  

Andrew Fellows
Paused Thermal Error

Hello All

I have been struggling with one of the MK3s I have here at work, initially we were getting Power Panic crash cycles when the bed heats, so I replaced the bed heater and bed thermistor, updated firmware and did a calibration wizard and Thermal HW calibration.

started a print and it was fine for about 2/3 of the print, it then started beeping and throwing up a "Paused, Thermal Error" message on the LCD screen.. so I stopped the print, did a PID Calibration and then getting a Thermal Runaway message. 

reset the machine and started a print once again just a simple Benchy, and it would heat up, then go into yet another power panic cycle. unplugged the power panic cable and restarted a print, got to about 2/3 of the way, then again a new thermal error and layer shifting before it stopped completely. 

and because I had a spare head thermistor and heater around I swapped them out as well just in case and yet I am still getting the same issues, so I am at a bit of a loss here with this one, FW and Slicer are the latest versions. no aftermarket parts or any remote control.

any help would be appreciated. 





Posted : 26/09/2023 9:29 am
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RE: Paused Thermal Error


Did you find a aolution ? I have exactly the same issue. My printer repeats "paused thermal error" every 10 or 15mn

This is very anoying...



Posted : 21/10/2023 2:02 pm
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RE: Paused Thermal Error

I have also been getting this error now. I tried various versions of the firmware, didn't help. Did anyone solve this?!

Posted : 08/12/2023 8:14 pm
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RE: Paused Thermal Error

Yes I did

By replacing the thermal sensor

Posted : 08/12/2023 8:21 pm