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MK3 Filament loading and unloading woes  

MK3 Filament loading and unloading woes

I never recalled having this issue before, so perhaps something changed in the latest MK3 firmware, but after doing a filament unload, pressing load on the menu doesn't bring up the menu but just starts a load cycle, and you can press it multiple times and it will just queue up load cycles apparently. Once they're all done it will stay at temperature as well, which also seems like a bug.

This printer has been relatively trouble free over the years with the occasional use it gets, but holy hell I was about ready to throw it out the window because I couldn't tell what it was doing, and there is no feedback at all on the LCD. Not to mention the crappy little button sometimes "double clicks".

Maybe this is more of a rant/vent, but maybe someone will see this and fix the firmware. I'm sure there are quite a few of these units still in use and they should still be supported even though there are newer/shinier machines.

Posted : 15/10/2023 5:34 am