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Interest on filament dryers?  

ali sureyya.t
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Interest on filament dryers?

Hi there,

Although new in Prusa forums, I am not a stranger on 3D printing.

Normally my background is Motion Graphics, 3D Modeling, VFX and such and I don't consider myself that I am a expert or engineer of some sorts but I love tinkering and being a maker.

I have a MK3S since 2018 and very happy about it. Its and absolute beast of 3D printers.

But when it comes to 3D printing there might be problems as usual, and some problem is not even related with the machine itself or the settings you are printing with but the filament. So I decided needed a filament dryer and started looking into the solutions available out there.

The problem is, the solutions out there either is too simple, cheaply designed, not user friendly or too expensive for home use. There are some machines that is made from food dehydrator which is neither so precise or professional and some super expensive ones from Mass Portal which is overkill for home or small commercial usage.

So I decided to build one and possible not only for myself. But before todo that I want to explain what it is going to be like and want to know your suggestions.

What I am aiming todo is build a filament dryer that is not using any aluminum extrusions or large machined parts or expensive injection molded stuff as a frame but made with fully 3d printed enclosure possibly made out of nylon to keep the price lower, lighter, simpler and cool looking build without too many parts (As a side note: I am going to need a large format 3D printer with 1.0mm nozzle to print those 800mm huge nylon frames within a decent amount of time and quality btw), uses available 3d printer parts as a heater, have a screen that user can customize it however she/he likes and able to print while drying easily and compatible with multi material setups with at least a space for 5 filaments. I am also thinking to add a single motor to turn the filaments slowly during the drying sequence so the heat will radiate equally all over the spool.

I am also planning to implement, what I am calling "zoned drying" for different type of filaments with different heating settings simultaneously inside the same machine with compartmentalized spaces but for now its not into my main plans for the sake of cost effectiveness.

I will try to keep the price range as much low as possible but that is all about the components and build quality that I am going to use. It can either be a super cheap machine with some hiccups around a price range of 199 but it can also be a very robust solution for 399.

There might be also a smaller versions of it, like just small enough to hold 1 or 2 filaments to keep the prices even lower. Since the design is going to be a super modular I just need to adjust the size of the frame components.

And it needs to look like a simple yet super cool, like a Prusa Printers itself 🙂

I just wanted to know if there are any people might be interested in such machine and if what will be their expectations out of it like specs, price range, size etc.

And of course its going to be a open-source 🙂 You can modify it however you like.

Thank you.

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ali sureyya.t
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RE: Interest on filament dryers?

Oh BTW I forgot to add this picture. This is a very very early design in Fusion 360 so it has aluminum frames on it but I am currently working on revised version without and seperate frames.

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RE: Interest on filament dryers?

I am interested in electrical part of the build.

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RE: Interest on filament dryers?

I'm not sure which existing printer parts you can use for the heaters. Even the cheap OYPLA dehydrator has a 245W heater and fan for circulating the hot air.

Even at 199  $? I cant see how you can beat a dehydrator that at under $100 will fit plenty of filaments inside


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Bunny Science
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RE: Interest on filament dryers?

Wow. That is great price on the dehydrator.

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RE: Interest on filament dryers?


Concur.  Great size also.  I wonder if that will hold 3-4 rolls.  

I own this: Magic Mill Food Dehydrator

I will really like the metal shelves.  

I will try the Vonshef Food Dehydrator and report back.  

Chuck H
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ali sureyya.t
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RE: Interest on filament dryers?

Hey all,

Since my last update there are alot of progress.

So, as the sake of being sane I decided to reduce the number of spool holders to 2. It turns out its kinda unfeasible to build such machine with 5 spool holders even for 399, at least for now. Its mechanically and electronically working and using Marlin Firmware (Yes you heard correct and it runs!). I even designed and ordered custom sized PCB heatbed to heat the interior.

Now I am working on second prototype. The first one was just a proof of concept and was simply turning the spool so there were no heat elements present.

The second prototype is focused on user centric and allows one hand filament placement with minimum amount of mechanical parts. The first version was super clunky with worm gears etc.

There will be no metal frames and will use all printed frame parts so it needs to be polycarbonate to withstand the drying temps but it will still be cheaper than 2020 aluminum extrusions. It will make the machine much more ligher as well.

Here is a screen grab from current WIP.

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Bunny Science
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RE: Interest on filament dryers?

I am betting that SWMBO also takes this dehydrator from Chocki 🤣 

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