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i3 MK3S Squeaking/Rattling  

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i3 MK3S Squeaking/Rattling

I've been using my MK3S for a few weeks now and it works very well! However, lately I've noticed a bit of a squeak or a rattle coming from it during prints. I'm not entirely sure where it's coming from so I haven't been able to troubleshoot it myself. If anyone can take a look at the video below and give me some suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it!


Posted : 10/08/2019 8:30 pm
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RE: i3 MK3S Squeaking/Rattling

Hard to tell, but it sounds like it's scraping the models as the printhead moves.  Just for grins-'n'-giggles, have you tried raising the Live Z a little to see if quiets down a bit?

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Posted : 11/08/2019 4:48 am
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RE: i3 MK3S Squeaking/Rattling

There's a squeak that is showing up inside the extruder. Most say it is the filament rubbing on the PTFE tube below the Bondtech gears.  Or the PTFE tube rubbing on the gears.

Trimming the PTFE so it is not touching the gears seems to solve it for most.

Posted : 11/08/2019 8:00 am