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Help, printer jams before purge line.  

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Help, printer jams before purge line.


Can’t start a print, extruder clicks before purge line, i’ve tried everything i can think of, except for replacing the nozzle, or heatbreak as i firmly believe they’re fine.

I’ve replaced the ptfe tube with Capricorn tubing, and heated the nozzle and heatbreak till all filament has burnt(pla), or spilled onto the heating surface, clearing all plastic, yet the extruder still clicks on the first try before the purge line after reassembly… i broke the thermistor cables earlier after many reassembles, so I’m looking for solutions as i wait for a new one. Yes, I have messed with the idler screw, it is not that, and the gears are also aligned properly.

i have the heatbreak with the 2.2 bore, and have also ordered a normal one, but can’t see that being my issue, as all plastic melts away during my cleaning…. So i it should be freed up to at least print a layer right.? Filament goes through heatbreak fine when taken out, even before it’s cleaned for another try.

Posted : 15/01/2022 5:56 am
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The two things that come immediately to mind are:

1. The Z is too low

2. The grub screws on the extruder are not properly tightened

Either or both could cause it.


Posted : 15/01/2022 6:44 am