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Help me make my MK3S print better than an Ender 3  

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Help me make my MK3S print better than an Ender 3

So i recently upgraded to a Prusa MK3S because I tought it can print nicer and better than my trusty Ender 3. Boy, was I wrong. In almost any test print I did, the Ender has won not only in my opinion, but when I gave the prints to other people blindly, in every case, they prefered the ones printed on the Ender 3. The Ender just simpy has sharper details and more accurate extrusion, which makes the prints look better. To be fair, articulated prints come out much better on the MK3, as in the moving parts move more freely, but the surface finish is just not there. I am hoping there is a simple and/or cheap fix to this problem, as I quite like the printer and dont want to get rid of it.

Altough, I have to mention the Ender 3 has a 32bit board and a fake Titan extruder on it, but I do not think these things would make it that good. The MK3 is mostly stock.

Dont get me wrong, the prints are still nice, but when looking at results from both printers side by side, it is impossibble for me not to notice the difference.

Recently I have used the Prusa Buddy 3mf file as a test, and it is the one of which I have the most to compare, here they are: (yeah I can't figure out how to embed pictures to forum posts yet). The first and second were printed on the Ender, the rest on the MK3. I have chose this filament for the test prints because probably this is the one on which the quality deffects are most visible.

I am writing this post hoping that only I am dumb and went over something and the fix is actually easy.

So here are the things I have already tried:

  • Try different retraction settings
  • Try different temperatures
  • Print from different filaments on both printers (some hide quality issues better than others)
  • Adjust extruder idler tension
  • Lower part cooling fan speed
  • Lower/increase print speed
  • Update firmware
  • Replace bearings and lubricate them
  • Fiddle with belt tension
  • Tear down and reassemble the extruder
  • Grease extruder gears
  • Even tried a different extruder motor

But unfortunately none of them fixed the issue.

I am using PrusaSlicer's default profiles for both of the printers (changing the values I have mentioned almost did not even make a difference).

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

Posted : 12/06/2022 11:39 am
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I can't figure out how to embed pictures to forum posts yet

Use the 'Add Media' button.


Posted : 12/06/2022 5:38 pm