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Extending MK3s Max Practical Print Weight  

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Extending MK3s Max Practical Print Weight


Hello all,

I recently started a print on my MK3s that's going to end up being pretty heavy (900 grams). Coming to this realization, I did some poking around and found this thread that suggest the max practical print is less than 500 grams or so. This limitation is dictated by y-axis accelerations vs mass of the print and hotbed.

My question is, if I cut my print speed in half (via the tuning menu) would that be enough to prevent issues? 

The good old kinetic energy equation (KE = 0.5 * mass * velocity^2) suggest you can push 4x mass at half the velocity, so I think there's hope. I'm hoping someone else has some experience with heavy prints and can give some pointers.

Posted : 06/07/2021 6:10 pm
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RE: Extending MK3s Max Practical Print Weight

Haven't done the math, but you can also adjust acceleration and jerk settings independent of speeds. Speeding up or slowing down gradually will help a lot with quality.

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Posted : 06/07/2021 6:43 pm