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Cleaning powder coated sheet  

Cleaning powder coated sheet


I recently bought a Double-sided Powder-coated PEI Satin Spring Steel Sheet and I read in the description that you can't clean it with acetone, but instead use IPA. I currently don't have a bottle of isopropyl alcohol at home, but I do have methyl alcohol. Can I use that to clean it?

I've searched for an answer on the Internet but I can't find anything about it

Thanks in advance

Posted : 30/04/2023 6:51 pm
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RE: Cleaning powder coated sheet

is that denatured spirits or methylated spirits?

if so it should be ok...

BUT. I just wash mine!

regards Joan

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Posted : 30/04/2023 7:43 pm
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RE: Cleaning powder coated sheet

Thanks for your answer Joan,

I'll check it out, and yeah if not I'll just wash it to.


Regards Elias

Posted : 01/05/2023 6:51 pm