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Change port for Termistor on the Einsy Board.  

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Change port for Termistor on the Einsy Board.

The previous owner did change the port for one senor from the right to the middle, because the right port was not working anymore. Me not knowing that did a firmware upgrade with the result that there is a thermistor error...


Can anyone help me out here? It seems the port can be re-addressed, but I am not a programmer, and have no experience with source code and compiling, etc.. I would like to print something until I get a new board, and am stuck... I guess I need the sensor port in the firmware changed to the middle port, and all should be fine (until a new firmware upgrade)?

PS: Printer was working fine until I did attempt the update. Otherwise I would have not realized that the issue is as described above.


Posted : 28/03/2024 11:12 pm
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mh, with no experience with source code and compiling this will be a challenge. But with some help of an AI like GPT you might be able to pull it off...

The firmware and a build instructions can be found here:

Look at pins_Einsy_1_0.h for pin assignment. Modify, build and flash... What could possibly go wrong?

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Posted : 29/03/2024 1:21 pm
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RE: Change port for Termistor on the Einsy Board.

Thanks for the hint. I did get it to work - took me long enough, but the result is a working unit (for now until a new firmware is installed).

Had to change


#define TEMP_0_PIN 0 //A0


#define TEMP_0_PIN 1 //A0
Posted : 29/03/2024 2:50 pm
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