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Tracking down vibration sources?  

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Tracking down vibration sources?


I've been "toying" with my MK3S+ for slightly above a week now, for the most part i'm quite happy with the purchase as it's leagues above my previous (heavily modded) chinese printer.

However one thing i find weird is how incomparable are noise levels between both. I was able to track down one vibration source which was caused by X axis pulley being slightly tilted in its socket and rubbing into its PETG housing as a result, for the time being a bit of silicon oil seemed to solve this particular issue.

However there are still couple of sound sources that i cannot directly identify mid print (and i also wouldn't want to risk failing an actual print). Perhaps this is an idea for future firmware update to include some sort of looping axis test that would continuously loop selected axis movements at selected speed to make "noise debugging" easier. Trying to achieve this with built in axis moving option is a far cry from actual printing scenario as it doesn't really replicate actual printing movements. I was curious whether it would be possible to achieve something similar using pronterface although my knowledge of GCode is rather limited.

Posted : 10/10/2021 11:07 pm
Dan Rogers
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Lubricate your bearings, and get squash ball feet.

Lots and lots and lots (every noob starts here) of posts on noise, eliminating noise etc.  Printer is totally capable of running silent when a) build well, b) bearings either well packed with grease or eliminated completely, and c) print some squash ball feet.  Also check your Y motor is not rubbing the back rail (notorious vibration) and the Casing on the control panel isn't rattling.

Posted : 11/10/2021 9:30 am