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It's good to have a second (or third) printer

I was starting to miss the volume of the Junk I started the hobby with...

I saw youtubers unboxing new toys

I lusted.


when it became apparent the V400 was a unicorn prototype, I aimed lower

and bought a CR-10, few hours later, I learned of the SW-X2... 😵 😵 

what to do, what to do. why cancel the 10, get the X2 of course  Its supposed to be quiet, quiet is good


oh, but it has bed wheels, first layer wizard it does not have.  I was jerked back to 2020, I have been Pinda pampered by Prusa.

Fortunately, I winged it pretty well, and its first part, a PSU Lack bracket in petg, looks like its gonna finish, sweet..


Posted : 30/11/2022 12:40 am