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Surface Finish of Satin Sheet is Inconsistent  

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Surface Finish of Satin Sheet is Inconsistent

For items printed on the satin sheet, I have found that areas near the perimeters of a print tend to be significantly glossier. Is this normal for the satin sheet? Is there a way to reduce this effect? This is really the only reason that I like the textured sheet so much more than satin. The bottom surface of most of my prints is the "face" of these prints.

Looking at it underneath a microscope, the two passes of the extruder tend to merge into a single line, suggesting to me that "extra" filament is extruded. I think this extra is necessary to fill in gaps that would otherwise be a pinhole when the circular extruder tries to make a sharp corner. I believe a setting called linear advance (or K values in PrusaSlicer) affect how filament flow is adjusted when the extruder changes velocity. Is it worth trying to tweak these values to eliminate the glossy edges, or is this just a property of the satin sheet? Does the smooth sheet have the same effect?

There's also a section on the print that is shinier and not near a perimeter. I suspect that the bed may be a bit on the high side there and I might benefit from tramming with some shims.

Posted : 09/07/2022 12:06 pm