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Super Easy glass bed printing on mk3s......  

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Super Easy glass bed printing on mk3s......

Hi all . Not sure if anyone has done this but here is my method of printing with glass bed without changing profiles or start gcode.

I found a picture frame with 250 x 250 glass and 4 x mini bull dog clips. going to get a tempered peice of my glass workshop tomorrow. glass directly on bed

2. place pei sheet you usually use directly on top of glass

3.start print and let it do mesh bed level as normal but pause the print as soon as mesh bed levelling completes

4. when paused remove glass bed and pei

5. place pei sheet back on build plate first then glass on top securing with mini bulldog clips

6. click resume print and make any z adjustments if necessery.

Hope this is handy for someone.



Posted : 09/05/2022 5:25 pm
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RE: Super Easy glass bed printing on mk3s......

I use a glass bed (on a Sovol) and it works very well but I think the glass is borosilicate. I'm curious why you would prefer glass over PEI.

Posted : 10/05/2022 7:41 am
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Maybe because some filaments, like nylons, warp a lot  when printed on a PEI bed. I tried myself and, no matter the adhesive (glue stick, dimafix, magig0o ) I couldn't print well antyhing more complicated than a Benchy. Larger models always warped to some extent. in spite of printing inside an enclosure, 

Instead, I tried with a glassbed, using a system similar to the one suggested by, and warping was very much improved.

Anyway, the multiple steps needed to use a glass bed on a Prusa are, IMHO, a real  PITA, not what I'd call 'supereasy' or convenient, specially  if you have to do it on a regular basis, but that's me.  


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Posted : 10/05/2022 10:55 am
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RE: Super Easy glass bed printing on mk3s......

Couldn't you run a G code file to do the probing and save the results.

Then slice without probing, but recalling the probe results.

Posted : 11/05/2022 3:35 am
Eric E
RE: Super Easy glass bed printing on mk3s......

Buildtak Nylon+ for nylon.  Peel and stick on a steel sheet.  Print.  No dancing, no tricks, no troubles.

Don’t trust forum advice.

Posted : 18/05/2022 1:58 pm