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Stringing/oozing - back against the wall  

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Stringing/oozing - back against the wall


Thank you for your attention :).

I haven't been able to print for more than a year, due to house renovation - but now I am back at printing again. I have been trying for the last week to find the problems to my print, but now I am running out of things to try.
I have a DnD weekend coming next weekend, and I have promised to bring a print, I am running low on time, so I've got my back against the wall - so please HELP ME! :).

I have tried changing the retraction settings, but nothing seemed to help - but I know I am doing something wrong.
Bought a dryer, and dried my PLA for 12 hours - didn't help.
Tried different and new spool of PLA didn't help - normally I use 3DE premium PLA, but also tried printing with Prusa PLA.
Tried lowering the print temp - it helped a bit, until I set it so low that it would stop printing. Also lowering the extrusion multiplier - didn't help.

I run my MK3S+ printer and Minis through a Repetier server, and use the Prusaslicer for slicing. 

So please help me get my printers running again, it would be a big help for my DnD group and I - I think my girlfriend would also appriciate me not having these frustrations.

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Posted : 05/10/2022 12:02 pm
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RE: Stringing/oozing - back against the wall

Update: tried to use Cura slicer, and it seems that out of the box, it makes the prints look better - but still not perfect.

So far I have by small increasements come to these settings, and the prints are still not without oozing:
Print temp: 190 degress
Print speed: 40 mm/s
Retraction dist: 2,0 mm
Retraction speed: 80 mm/s
Fan speed: 60%

I've hit the wall, and don't know what to try anymore.

Posted : 05/10/2022 8:17 pm
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RE: Stringing/oozing - back against the wall

One reason for excessive stringing is wet filament. Another is the material used, PETG seems to be particularly susceptible.

Posted : 06/10/2022 11:17 am
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RE: Stringing/oozing - back against the wall

You've tried the obvious. At this point I'd run to the nearest hardware store and buy a heat gun to take care of the stringing 🙂 I'm actually not being facetious. Without seeing the stringing on the actual model, this might in fact be the easiest solution. Trying to find the local minimum for stringing against multiple factors that can be modified at the same time is going down a rabbit hole which may take longer than you have…

Posted : 06/10/2022 11:20 am
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So, you used to have a working printer setup that did not have problems with excessive stringing. Then you did not print for quite some time. When you started again you had problems with stringing. So far so good.
Now I might have spotted your mistake: You changed the (retraction) settings which worked fine before. Why did you do that?
Then you dried your filament (good idea!!), with your original settings you might get your original results, but since you changed them you introduced a new variable.
Go back to the old settings, see how that works. (print something you printed successfully before, so you can compare)

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Posted : 06/10/2022 4:57 pm
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