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Prusa MK3S: variable temperature on the board  

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Prusa MK3S: variable temperature on the board


This morning, purchase of an infrared thermometer. And of course, we measure a bit of everything.Here, an impression in progress. Eh ? 64° to the left instead of 85° and 75° in the middle?

End of printing. Pre-heating, waiting and measurements on the heating plate alone, first, then with the PEI plate (after waiting for temperature setting).And here's the result.That there is a difference between the requested temperature and the temperature recorded, it can be understood: or generous Prusa display, or poorly calibrated thermometer?

What is more curious are the temperature differences recorded according to the zones. 13° difference on the print bed, 17° on the heated bed.

Well, in the end, it's still reassuring to see that the plate is evenly heated on 4/5. Will have to try to avoid the left column. And yet, on the PEI board, with the center that has suffered, I tend to push the pieces left and right...

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Posted : 19/05/2022 10:23 am