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Enclosure or no enclosure???  

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Enclosure or no enclosure???

I recently assembled a Mk3S+ kit and love it. Mostly using PLA and some PETG currently. I have a hobby machine shop and am thinking I may very well be interested is using ABS/ASA or maybe even nylon down the road. So, the idea of an enclosure has crossed my mind and I've been doing a little research, mostly on this user group.

From what I've read, printing with ABS in an enclosure can create heat problems with some of the parts on the head and cause them to warp or even melt. They are not rated for those temperatures that can be reached while printing in an enclosure.

So, I'm looking for opinions on whether to use an enclosure or not. Also looking for opinions on printing with ABS/ASA/nylon with the higher temps in general. I know a lot of you use enclosures. Are they of value with just printing with PLA/PETG?

Obviously, I'm a little confused with all the different things I've read on this user group and other sources.



Posted : 02/05/2021 7:58 pm
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RE: Enclosure or no enclosure???

An enclosure is added to HELP with warp of high temp plastics like ASA and venting of noxious fumes they create - but not recommended if you plan to print mostly PLA and PETG.

Printing in warmer environs can cause issues: the power supply runs hotter; the steppers run hotter. Plastic filament in the extruder softens. The extruder itself usually does fine. The fan shroud can get too hot, and a specific extruder design was a bit off and had droop issues with the PINDA arm (I think that's been fixed, but I could be wrong).

There are cooling solutions for the steppers, and the PS is easily removed outside the enclosure. Other threads cover this topic.


Posted : 02/05/2021 9:52 pm
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RE: Enclosure or no enclosure???

From my experience: Yes, use a print emclosure. I built a dual vented enclosure (with powered fans to help expel fumes etc) and it's been no end of help when printing with all types of filaments. Ive found it a must with abs. Pla and petg can warp and curl off the bed if exposed to draught or cooler air, so maintaining warm air tmps and blocking draught is sometimes extremely useful. My enclosure generally reaches internal Temps of 30-38 degess centigrade and I've never experienced any issues with overheating electronics or melting plastic parts (original mk3 upgraded to a mk3s).

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Posted : 05/05/2021 7:07 am
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RE: Enclosure or no enclosure???

I find an enclosure useful for cleanliness, particularly if doing other things in the same area.

I print a mixture of materials, with PLA in particular if it gets too hot then the print will fail a few hours in with extrusion problems, simple answer is to leave the enclosure door open - you might want to think about door/placement.  I have fans which vent out of the window but I don't tend to leave them on for cooling as they are noisy.

If your workshop can be cold then a heater in the enclosure to initially warm it up above minimum 15C operating temperature can be useful or to raise into the 30s or hotter for ABS.  I have a ceramic bulb in mine as its quite big but the heatbed is often enough.

I'd recommend ASA over ABS, I've found that it prints as easily as PLA whereas ABS is challenging and prone to warping.  You could print ASA without an enclosure.

Posted : 05/05/2021 8:48 am