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Design Files For Prusa MK3S+  

Jade Vincent
Design Files For Prusa MK3S+

I am looking for a full editable model of the mk3s+ including unprintable parts to make modifying some printed parts easier. I was able to find an Autodesk Drive file that's what I'm looking for unfortunately I cant seem to download it. I was also able to find a similar file for the MK3s (not the MK3s+) on Grab Cad. I may just end up swapping out some of the printed parts in that with Prusa's provided print files.

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Posted : 18/08/2023 3:55 pm
Illustrious Member
RE: Design Files For Prusa MK3S+

Have you checked   ?

Posted : 18/08/2023 4:06 pm