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Cad files of prusa mk3S  

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Cad files of prusa mk3S

Why are there no cad files for the mk3s/+? i need a cad model for the psu but the only option i find are a bear from grabcad. But that one is broken so cannot sue it.

Posted : 11/03/2021 8:14 pm
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RE: Cad files of prusa mk3S

I think you mean "I don't know where the CAD files for the Mk3S+ are located. Can anybody tell me where to find them?" If so, you can find them here

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Posted : 11/03/2021 8:31 pm
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RE: Cad files of prusa mk3S


I definitely know how to find the printed parts of prusa website. If I wanted a link to that I would have asked for that.
I said I need cad files for the complete printer and specified the psu as the file I really need. 

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Posted : 11/03/2021 9:33 pm
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RE: Cad files of prusa mk3S

The PSU is a third party part so not a Prusa part. The frame elements which are also Prusa designed are available on GitHub but not in the printed parts folder obviously. 
Normally you have to go to the specific manufacturer site of the part to see if they have supplied similar cad data. Or do a general google search to see if anyone has already done the work for you. 

Posted : 12/03/2021 6:12 am