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Bed Texture/SVG for Prusaslicer  

Stay At Home Bob
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Bed Texture/SVG for Prusaslicer

Somone posted this question about a year ago and there was no reply, figured I'd try again: Are there texture files for Prusaslicer for the Prusa PEI Powder Coated Sheet anywhere?  (Looking for the SVG and STL files for the fields in Prusa Slicer -> Printer Settings -> General -> Bed Shape

I'm sure it's not necessary but I think it would look cool and might actually help fine-tune offsets and what not to have the actual image of the bed in the slicer.  (like printing a square exactly 5mm from each corner, etc. being able to confirm placement in slicer, printing and then measuring to set an offset) Honestly, I just think it would look cool to have my actual bed but wanted to come up with a practical reason to need one. 🙂


Posted : 19/05/2020 5:54 pm