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Weird Y axis shifting issues.  

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Weird Y axis shifting issues.

Hello everyone. Got my printer a few weeks ago as a kit and put it together. Had no issues and started printing all the parts needed for the Ikea lack enclosure v2. After about one roll of Prusament PETG my print started shifting along the Y axis.

Here is a picture of a first layer test that shows the issue. (I did do some live Z adjustment, so pls ignore the difference in quality between the boxes)
The squares we printed in this order:
1   6   7
2   5   8
3   4   9

As you can see, some of the boxes has a weird diagonal shift along the Y axis.
I have re run every calibration, And I increased the tension in the Y axis belt.
Belt tension: X: 252, Y: 270

What else can I do to fix this? Any ideas to the cause?

Thank you all.

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Posted : 12/02/2021 5:17 am
Dan Rogers
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RE: Weird Y axis shifting issues.

For proper belt tension, download the little tool that Prusa uploaded in the prints section.  Much more accurate than the sensor based #'s, IMO.

Looking at your print photo, I find myself wondering about your first layer.  I see the skew that you are talking about - but the lines are not stuck together very well, so I'm wondering if you're just not getting lucky that the whole square doesn't start dragging around.  Try moving your live Z in the more increasingly negative direction (on my printer that is counter clockwise)

Countering that thought, your center row squares all exhibit the same skew of the outer perimeter.  If it were a bed adhesion issu, I would not expect the same error to repeat so precisely, but since it is only the center row, I'm still leaning in the bed adhesion direction.

Posted : 15/02/2021 2:35 pm