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Uneven print over the printing area  

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Uneven print over the printing area

I'm a newbie , have been printing on MKS 3i for about 4 months, mainly PLA,

recently I started having problems with product not sticking to surface and other issues.

today I calibrated it for the first time, wasn't that scary as I expected,

lowered the nozzle until I got what I though is a good even surface.

sent a print that is flat , covers the whole center of the printing surface and noticed the brim is uneven ,

as if the printing surface is not flat,

see image.

Posted : 26/05/2022 4:04 pm
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I suspect your filament is damp, look up threads here about drying it.

Four months ...?

Have you done any basic maintenance?

Then please run a first layer Z configuration and show us the print *on the print sheet*.



Posted : 27/05/2022 1:58 am