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Strange under-extrusion  

Robert Górski
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Strange under-extrusion

Hi all,
Just bought and assembled my first MK3s+ just week ago. Can you take a look at this print?
There is a problem with it, and I cannot find similar pictures on the web.  The problem happens usually on one side of the print.
I checked belts tension, X is 247, Y is 258. The material is FormFutura PLA, sliced with Prusa Slicer, layer height 0.15 mm.
I will appreciate any advice...
Print issue

Posted : 10/03/2023 6:06 pm
Tim Weston
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RE: Strange under-extrusion

The picture does not give us much to go on...can you post the zipped .3mf file for the project please?



Posted : 10/03/2023 8:18 pm
Robert Górski
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RE: Strange under-extrusion

*.3mf are project files, right? I don't create them yet. I own three Ultimakers 2, but they are few years old now, so I want to give a chance to the Prusa MKS3+.
So, I just import STL in prusa slicer, and go with gcode.  Anyway, the situation got better when I lower the hot end temperature from 215 to 200 degrees.
I guess that is the lower limit for PLA, right? At least, that's what FormFutura PLA producer claims. 

Posted : 12/03/2023 8:27 pm
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It looks like your filament is damp, drying it should improve matters. 

The belt tension figure is a measure of the resistance felt by the stepper when moving the axis. On a correctly set up machine this does equate, roughly, to belt tension.

But other things can affect mechanical resistance.

Make your next print this:

It MUST be printed in Prusament PETG or the spring tension will be wrong.

Let us know how you get on.


Posted : 12/03/2023 11:43 pm