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Print Fail - X axis shifted during print  

Print Fail - X axis shifted during print

In my latest print, the X axis of the machine appeared to shift about 1.4"/35.5mm to the right.  It tried to print at that location for about .11"/2.8mm and then it appears to have corrected itself.  I have not had any problems with any previous prints.  The print is PLA, and you can see in the photos that I changed filament mid-print due to a spool running empty.  But this problem showed up well after the filament change.  I see nothing like this in my 3MF or GCODE files.  Is there something that I can do to prevent this from reoccurring?

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Posted : 17/11/2023 5:55 pm
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RE: Print Fail - X axis shifted during print

layer shifts are usually down to a couple of things. Check your belt tension. Also Check your axis moves smoothly in both directions by moving it by hand and feeling for sticky spots. It needs to move with none. If it sticking then you will need to lubricate the axis. There’s maintenance guides on the PRUSA knowledge base. 

Posted : 17/11/2023 7:51 pm