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PLA printing issues possibly under extrusion?  

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PLA printing issues possibly under extrusion?

Hi all, 

I'm running into some pretty frustrating issues printing with PLA which I think these are under extrusion issues. Any thought on the cause of this - I'm not sure where to go from here.

Fixes tried:

- Changing temp +/-

- Cleaning nozzle

- Checking extruder gear alignment on shaft

- Tightening idler screw/ spring

- Cold pulls

- Centered extruder gear and ensure grub screw was tightened

- Experimental menu for heat creep (

Picture of the first layer:

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Posted : 10/04/2023 8:32 pm
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RE: PLA printing issues possibly under extrusion?

You only posted a first layer?   Are you sure your live Z is set correctly? 

Please find a better extrusion test print and post results.


Posted : 10/04/2023 9:21 pm