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MK3+ Extruder body problem  

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MK3+ Extruder body problem

When assembling, I had the problem with the hex screw problem. The piece was ruined with me trying the get the nut and bolt out. Will printing a replacement in PLA be fine, or do I need to get some PETG? 

Posted : 21/02/2023 1:31 am
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RE: MK3+ Extruder body problem

All parts that Prusa recommended is PETG (except for Fan-shroud that require print in ASA). When you download the plastic parts from Prusa, read the instruction how to proper print. 

However, the alternate way, you can buy plastic parts from them -

Happen to me when I broke the extruder idle on my first MK3 and I had no choice but buy it from their store. 

Posted : 21/02/2023 6:22 pm