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Layer Shifting Along Y  

Wang Patirck
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Layer Shifting Along Y

Encountering some severe Y-axis layer shifting, every layer seems like it will shift back for a distance at every layer.

I have already done:

* cleaned, lubed, and then re-calibrated the XY axis

* tried to lose and tighten the y-axis belt but the situation kept going

* Flashed firmware and set up the whole machine again

*  lower the printing speed to 80%, then 60%, but still not working (and the printed material crinkled when set to 60%)

my belt readings when the layer shifting started were X-255, and Y-240. But whatever I did on those belts, nothing changes. I am pretty new to 3d printing and need some one to help me out.

Thumbs up for any comment.

Posted : 04/12/2022 6:14 am
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RE: Layer Shifting Along Y

Check the pulley alignment and grub screws on the Y axis drive motor.

One screw should be tightened against the flat on the drive shaft. The other screw is tightened after as a lock screw.

If your pulley is rubbing against the motor or housing you can get a drag that could cause the belt to jump a tooth.


Posted : 04/12/2022 7:21 am