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Failed first layer  

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Failed first layer

I’ve set up my Z adjust, but my prints have an issue. Im not sure what seems to be wrong.
My first layer gets bunched up it doesn’t stick.
I have the powder coated sheet.
I’ve tried glue stick. I’m printing in PLA.
Any tips? Suggestions?

Posted : 02/08/2018 8:22 pm
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Re: Failed first layer

It's very hard to make anything out in that pic, but it looks like your Z is too high on your 1st layer. Some parts are so stringy they're being pulled away.

  • Make sure the bed is clean for good adhesion. If your 1st layer won't stick, there's no sense trying anything more complex. You can give it a good wash with dish soap and water. Give it a wipe regularly with 91%+ isopropyl alcohol (though not necessarily every print). Avoid window cleaner or anything that might contain impurities that will weaken the PEI's hold. Use Acetone infrequently as it's hard on the PEI. Avoid touching it as much as possible.

  • If you haven't already, I'd suggest using the "life adjust" approach. When you've got it set properly, you should be able to drag a finger across the lines without them coming detached. Make sure the bed is clean with a good wipe with 91% IPA and avoid touching it at all costs before the print.
  • Some pics of your Live-Z adjustment results would be helpful.

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    Posted : 02/08/2018 9:06 pm
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    Re: Failed first layer

    Thanks for the info... what version of the gcode do you suggest?

    When it’s right, it should stick and should all the lines fuse? It should it be stringy when removed?

    Posted : 02/08/2018 10:17 pm
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    Re: Failed first layer

    I agree, looks like Z is to high.

    Posted : 03/08/2018 1:13 am