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Crash detection while printing.  

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Crash detection while printing.

Good afternoon mates 

I have a problem..I have an mk3s+ 7 months now. No problem at all. I take the complete version....just ready for print. I never tight the belt down from the bed and inside from the extruder.For some reason after 2cm makes crash detection. the same height always. After I tighten every screw I see and again I have the some issue. Some times now maybe crash in the start after it comes back again automatic.

I don't what happen. I find the following.


I catch myself to tighten the screws in the frame where the roller is near the monitor(1nd link last picture) . also I make a tight to the extruder where the motor is.(1st link 3rd picture).

I also read about to go menu-support- belt and see the values. I have the following.

x 209

y 175

I understand that some screws is very tight. So which from all screws will be with some freedom?! or I must do something else?!


Posted : 16/07/2021 7:54 pm
Dan Rogers
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Tightening everything you find may not be the best choice.

If the plate that holds the extruder to the printer on the X carriage are too tight the bearings get squeezed and the crash detection can be tripped.  Those screws should be just barely tightened.  Tightening every screw you can find will throw things out of adjustment quite quickly.  Belt tension does not seem right in your #'s.

Posted : 17/07/2021 7:31 am
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RE: ..

I loosen some screws and it get back to normal. But I think that doesn’t work right.

which screws is for micro adjustement of belt in x and y axis?!


also another problem is that I see some gaps.that is because of extrusion multiplier calibration? Οr it can be from the hardware?!see the picture bellow thanx

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Posted : 17/07/2021 4:12 pm