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Assembly instructions, missing variant  

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Assembly instructions, missing variant

Hi all,

confused newby here

  • Yesterday I got my i3 MK3S and MMU2S kits. (Party!)
  • I found the online assembly instructions for the i3 MK3S.
  • I found the online installation instructions for the MMU2S to the i3 MK3S.

From a first glance it seems to me, that following them I would first have to assemble the i3 MK3S, but then disassemble a part o it again in order to install the MMU2S, right?

Are there assembly instructions I can follow to build the complete system (i3 MK3S + MMU2S) without having to ineffectively assemble some components just to disassemble them a bit later again?

By following them, if they exist, will I end up with spare gummy bears?

Best regards

Opublikowany : 23/09/2020 7:00 pm
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RE: Assembly instructions, missing variant

You are better off building and calibrating the mk3s first separately, getting a few prints under your belt to make sure the build is good and then tackling the mmu. 

Opublikowany : 23/09/2020 7:48 pm
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RE: Assembly instructions, missing variant

I agree that you should first get the base-level machine running and become familiar with it before adding the MMU.  I'm sure that you will save time in the long run by doing the two in separate operations.

Opublikowany : 23/09/2020 10:01 pm