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Massive 2nd layer shift with crash  

Massive 2nd layer shift with crash

Dear forum,

my i3 MK3 is currently showing a strange behavior and I am running out of ideas.

Small prints (e.g. 5 x 5 x 5 cm) are printing just fine but I am currently trying to print a pretty big box (20 x 20 x 10 cm). Still in the print volume but big.

The first layer prints just fine but the 2nd layer is shifted by a few centimeters and then the printer crashes (see image attached).

What I tried to do:

I reset the settings of the slicer (I usually use simplify3d) I switched to the Prusa slicer I update Octoprint I calibrated the printer numerous times I tried printing directly from a uSD card in the printer

Nothing worked; really strange.

Does anybody have any idea, what I can try or what I can do to figure out the reason that the printer is behaving this way?





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Posted : 03/06/2023 6:43 pm
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RE: Massive 2nd layer shift with crash

Hi Nils,
it looks like your first layer is too high (Live Z), and it looks like the build plate is not clean on the right hand side where the print didn't stick 
As to why you got two successive shifts by the same apparent distance, I have no idea, the second layer seemed to do the perimeter, and start in the left hand corner, then shift... which is odd...   

I would clear the build plate and wash it well with hot water and a little dish soap, rubbed in well with a new grease free dish sponge, then rinse well with plain hot water and dry immediately with plain paper towels. 

then I would check that the toothed wheel on the X Motor, is fastened tightly to the motor shaft with one grub screw on the flat of the shaft, and both grb screws tight!

then I would try another first layer calibration using the Life Adjust Z My Way   Process

then I would try printing your model again. 
regards Joan

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Posted : 03/06/2023 8:47 pm