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Upgrading MK3s Bear to Mk3.9 - Is it possible  

Tony B
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Upgrading MK3s Bear to Mk3.9 - Is it possible

Hi folks, I'm new here so please be gentle. I have a Mk3S that I upgraded to a MK3S Bear some time ago, and am now considering a further upgrade to the MK3.9. 

Given that many of the printed parts that I have, along with the Extruded frame will be different, I am interested to hear if it is possible to even do this upgrade given these differences to the stock MK3S version. 

I love the rigidity of the Bear frame so would be shame to go back to the original. 

Any guidance you could provide would be much appreciated. 

Thank you

Posted : 13/04/2023 5:01 am
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RE: Upgrading MK3s Bear to Mk3.9 - Is it possible

I think somebody will eventually come up with the necessary printable parts to adapt Mk4 features to the Bear, but we're going to have to wait until sometime after Prusa publishes stepfiles for the printed parts, at minimum.

Posted : 13/04/2023 10:43 am