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1st layer issues.  

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1st layer issues.

I have been having issues with my 1st layer.  So I checked my bed level mesh and it was out by .5+ (picture attacked) I couldn't get it any better with stock setup.
I decided to try the silicone tube method to get the bed more level. I was able to get it down to .04ish it changes by about .01 every time I run the mesh. So somewhere between .032 to .048 way better than the original .5 (picture attached)

I'm still getting 1st layer issues, The bottom right and top left are perfect. The middle and top right are too high and the bottom left is too low I think looks really bad.

I really need help with this, I have tried everything I can think of and have the bed way  more level than stock.

I'm printing a single layer downloaded from here Test file

PLA at 215 and 60 bed tried multiple brands hatchbox I believe is what the green is. 


Stock mesh before silicon tube mod.

Stock Mesh

After Mod

clearly too high not sure what this is too low maybe

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Posted : 11/04/2023 6:35 pm