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Octoprint/Octopi deployment shopping list ?  

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Octoprint/Octopi deployment shopping list ?

I am looking at deploying octoprint/ octopi onto my Mk 3S+ with MMU2S.

I note octopi now has plugin to support MMU.I am hoping to get some better diagnostics on the MMU (any improvement at all).

so not being savvy with Raspberry Pi I seek assistance to develop a shopping list and I can get everything I need all at once. There are some questions in the list I put together. I just need to check.

- Raspberry Pi 4 B with 8 G ram/ 32Gb eMMC / add plug in Sensor board 

- power supply standard + usb cable connection to Einsy.
Connecting to the  MMU too ? 

- standard camera ( IR necessary/useful ???)

- enclosure. Needing a fan too ?

- touch screen display 

-,mount next to standard height Prusa display on the printer.

Is it right ?

Posted : 26/09/2022 2:23 am
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RE: Octoprint/Octopi deployment shopping list ?

Install OctoPi and allow updates to latest version of OctoPrint.

Get a genuine Raspberry wall wart. Pi are very sensitive to under voltage! Genuine PSU is 5.1v.

Either Pi 3b or 4 or Zero2 (NOT original zero) is fine.

Dedicate PSU to PI, see above.

enclosure is optional, dependent upon the materials you use.

touch screen is optional, I suspect most people run Octoprint headless.

not sure what your last point means.

Posted : 26/09/2022 11:47 am
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RE: Octoprint/Octopi deployment shopping list ?

Re “last point “ :

I have seen FB posts where people have mounted their Pi with a touchscreen next to the regular screen in Mk3S+ printer.

It’s a printed object available on printables..

SO far as I’m aware it’s basically a variant of a case for the raspberry pi that happens to accommodate the Prusa screen, button, knob as well.


Posted : 26/09/2022 2:06 pm
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Topic starter answered:

Thanks to those that responded. 
I have learned that Octopi, An instance of octoprint packaged with Pi OS build can operate stand alone. Access via a web browser or putty on the Mac, thus a screen is unnecessary expense. This allows me to include an environmental sensor on the expansion plug giving additional info related to printing such as temp and RH.

I’ll likely get two cameras, one for the print bed, and the other for MMU. I choose between native Pi cameras or USB web cams.

I’ll need to print or buy a mount for the Pi with sensor board attached that attaches to the printer. Maybe I’ll get the kit version with heat sinks and a fan included.

with the two cameras I’ll likely need more ram than usual so I’ll go for the 8 Gb version.

mass storage via eMMC or an SSD. SSD Can be added later If eMMC isn’t enough.

power supply ? The standard psu wall wart  5.2v 3a PSU looks good but maybe it will be stretched.

octoprint can monitor the printer via Einsy usb. The MMU also has a usb but Prusa are not supporting diagnostics or MMU control via that port. Only firmware update. But octoprint does give access to the same info seen by the Einsy, using the MMU plugin recently released. There need to be continued pressure put on Prusa for improved diagnostics on the MMU firmware.,But not expecting them to cave anytime soon.

but overall I’ll have a reduced need to go upstairs to view progress of a print. I can languish on the lounge or even out and about. It seems useful. The Octoprint UI is pretty cool.

Posted : 27/09/2022 3:04 am