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Marlin Input Shaping on Prusa?  

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Marlin Input Shaping on Prusa?

(I've also posted this on RepRap forum -,891975)

I have an old, well used, second hand Prusa MK2. I have modded it quite a bit and changed firmware to marlin

However, the printer frame is not rigid and the whole machine vibrates when printing with high acceleration. I find that accel of ~1000 and jerk of 10 (or even lower) works fine, while anything higher results in too much vibrations. Even if I don't care about print quality (surface finish), I wouldn't use much higher acceleration, because I feel that the machine would shake itself apart after long use.

The new version of Marlin (2.1.2) has introduced Input Shaping, so I'm wondering:

1) Can it be used on a Prusa with its 8-bit board at all? If it can, are there some restrictions? Has anyone tried it?

2) Is it worth it? That is, does it make sense to use Input Shaping, not to achieve very high speed and accel (which an old MK2 can never dream of in any case), but for protecting the hardware at only slightly increased acceleration (e.g. 2000-3000)? Would it also reduce noise?

Posted : 18/02/2023 1:32 pm