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MMU for Mk3 supports "flexible filament"  

Laird Popkin
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MMU for Mk3 supports "flexible filament"

The description of the MMU for the Mk3 says that it supports "flexible filament". Does that mean Nylon? TPU? Ninjaflex? Generally the more flexible filaments don't work in bowden-style printers. Has Prusa figured out a way to make this work?

I ask because there are things I'd like to print with a mix of Ninjaflex and rigid filaments which I've successfully printed on another printer, barely, but which I think would work a lot better on the Mk3 I have on order.

Postato : 28/10/2017 4:33 am
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Re: MMU for Mk3 supports "flexible filament"

I doubt it means "any and all" flexible filaments.

Some people have reported success on the MMU with the more rigid felxibles like TPU (?) but i don't think anyone managed to print the very flexible filaflex stuff. (without modifications to the extruder housing etc.)

Postato : 02/11/2017 9:09 am
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Re: MMU for Mk3 supports "flexible filament"

Flexibles work fine if you just make a few minor adjustments. It mostly boils down to 15mm/sec max speed and reducing the tension on the extruder idler screws.

I've printed *loads* of flexible stuff on my MMU now (developing a .scad for making collapsing containers--to be released soon). Every now and again I'll get the filament spilling out the side of the extruder idler but that's rare for me at this point.

Postato : 06/11/2017 9:53 pm